Lesson 2: Hulahooping is more dangerous than it looks…

Trend sports – like Marmite you either love them or hate them.

In my never ending quest of achieving the “perfect” body (a quest which I do infact deem to be quite useless – as there really is no such thing…) I have taken part in a variety of different fitness trends.

These include – Zumba / Hip Hop Workout / Powerplates / 5 Minute Trainer / one month plank and situp challenge (I lasted 8 days!!) and Piloxing.

I do still currently do Zumba and Powerplates 2wice a week and I try to do my 5 minute trainer at least once a day (my ex boyfriend gave it up months ago…) but still I crave more.

See how it’s NOT collecting dust!

Is this a sport addiction? While writing this I’m starting to realise that I may have a problem…

And so…I bought a Hula Hoop (ok…I bought it partly to impress a boy I like..) which leads us on to Lesson number 2.

My new pride and joy…

Lesson 2: Hulahooping is more dangerous than it looks…

“Wait…Hulahooping?” I hear you cry “That children’s game I used to play in the playground, with the hoop which I tried and failed to keep moving around my waist?”

Exactly that! Hulahooping started becoming popular as a “weight loss” technique when it was revealed that certain celebrities did it to keep in shape. Forgetting the fact that these celebrities also had access to: Personal trainers, personal nutritionists, personal poo checkers, the sport took off.

I admit, I’m a bit late to this. I checked if there were any Hula Hoop clubs in my area (yes…they exist) and to my dismay I found that the only Hula Hoop Club had closed down last year…damn. So..with the help of youtube videos I started my Hula Hooping journey.

I’m actually not too bad at it.

My first attempt I could keep it up (that’s what he said) for about 30 seconds and now, 2 weeks in, I can go a whole 10 minutes!! And that also includes bringing it down to the hips and back up to the waist.

 “But why is it dangerous?” I hear you ask.

1) Have you seen the size of these hoops?  You need space and a room empty of valuable possessions! Also I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you have a pet near you – they may get hit.

2) My hips are covered in bruises! I had to go to my GP this week (for an unrelated issue) and received a very concerned look. I’m not sure she 100% believed that hulahooping was the cause.

Took about 20 minutes to take this photo...
Took about 20 minutes to take this photo…

So, dear readers!

Question time – have you ever tried Hulahooping? And what are your opinions on “Fitness Fads”? Could you also recommend some other ways to get/stay in shape .

Thanks for reading!

Laura D

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