Lesson 08 – What I want to learn and achieve in 2015!

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back. Back to normal. Back to waking up to an alarm at 05:00 (getting up at 06:00).

Yep – welcome back to regular life. I’m a bit tired as I was up late last night playing Skyrim. (Just one more quest… just one more quest…oops it’s nearly Midnight) and I’ve sluggishly managed to survive the last week at work.


But I don’t want to start this post too negatively – we should all be positive about what this wonderful year is going to bring us!

And so I move onto – well it’s not going to be a lesson per se but rather things that I want to learn – and hey! if I’m successful, maybe you’ll see a lesson about these lessons (which I will have hopefully learnt in the near future) in which I can impart this wonderful knowledge on to you.

Learnt lessons being me I have
Learnt lessons being me I have

Lesson-but-not-quite-a-lesson 08 – What I want to learn and achieve in 2015!

I guess you can think of these as mini-resolutions – not as influential as my big resolution (which I’m still not going to tell you)

1) Learn to make a proper traditional British roast dinner –with all the trimmings!
Every time I go to the meat counter at my local supermarket, I’m always tempted to buy some big chunk of pork/beef/chicken and cook a wonderful meal. But…then I get too scared of wasting my money. However this year I will prepare a lovely roast for some of my friends!

2) Learn how to do that cool spin hula-hoop trick which I saw on youtube!
There may be a video on the way….if I succeed.

3) Complete my degree.
I want to finally understand what the concept of “Free time” is.

4) Visit at least 6 countries I’ve never been to before.
(So far on the list this year is Spain and Switzerland)

5) Buy myself at least 1 designer bag. Maybe Guess, or Gucci, or Prada.
Why? Because they look pretty and I can put my stuff in it and carry it around. And it looks pretty.

6) Learn how to tie up my hair – so that it looks professional rather than my usual “look-what-the-cat-dragged-in” style.

You takin' me seriously now?
You takin’ me seriously now?

7) Learn how to fold up my socks properly, so that when I open my drawers everything looks super organised.
(Wow – what a very interesting lesson that would make…)

8) Beat my friend A.J at Words with Friends!

I can tell that I’m going to have a bit of a busy year, but I’m really looking forward to it.

What about you? What do you hope to do/achieve in 2015?

As ever…thanks for reading!

Laura xxxxx

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