Lesson 10: How to have a great family holiday (Without killing each other…)

Hello everyone,

I know, I know – long time no post. Things have been particularly turbulent for me during the past couple of months due to work and studying. January and February were pretty dark months and I now feel like I’m just emerging out of a dark hole, my body and mind slowly waking up again after a couple of months of winter slump.

I’m obviously cuter….

But enough of this dark depressing introduction to an over-due blog post – let’s move onto brighter and warmer things, namely my recent trip to Lanzarote with  my family – leading me onto my next lesson:

Lesson 10: How to have a great family holiday (Without killing each other…)

A bit of background info regarding moi. I left home when I was 19 to go on a one year gap year, which is now reaching its eighth year. I try to see my mum every 3 months, but I normally only see my “complete” family (mum, dad and sister (24)) about twice a year (summer and xmas!).

I love my family to bits but as with all families, there can sometimes be tension when put together in one room for a week (yes – we all stayed in one room). But despite a little cattiness and some small arguments I arrived back home with all limbs and most of my mental stability intact.

very accurate representation of how it felt like....
very accurate representation of how it felt like….

So without further ado – here are my tips on how to have a great family holiday*

*Success not guaranteed…please don’t take these tips seriously.

1) Choose a good location – which doesn’t involve an extremely long plane journey and also provides a good mixture of sunshine and culture.

We chose Lanzarote. A beautiful island near the African coast. It’s a volcanic island which has been very well preserved. What I really loved, was the lack of large buildings and ugly hotels.

The weather was great (a lovely 20°C with only a few days of rain) so I was able to sunbathe and burn my feet!


I admit, that when I first arrived the island reminded me of a large building site, with piles of sand – however when I took a closer look at the landscape I was greeted with wonderful colours and amazing geological formations (is that the right word…).

If you ever wanted to take a trip to Mars but couldn’t afford it – Lanzarote is the next best option.


2) Go just before or just after school holidays.

I don’t hate children. I will probably maybe possibly be a mother myself one day, but when on holiday I can do without kids running around, screaming and splashing in the pool.

I sometimes imagine a spinning diamond above my head..
I sometimes imagine a spinning diamond above my head..

My sister and I were some of the youngest there – and we would get excited when we saw other people under 40!

3) Take part in the hotel activities (it leads to free drink!)

We went half-board, which meant we had to pay for our drinks. (Although when I ordered in spanish, I tended to get free ones…)However we discovered, that if we took part in the activites there was a chance that we could win some free alcohol.

I'm going to be a shuffleboard master...
I’m going to be a shuffleboard master…

We played – bingo, boules, billiards, volleyball (we were terrible at that!), archery, shuffleboard and black jack. We won a bottle of champagne nearly every day!

We also learnt that we could have a lot of fun together as a family 🙂 (Insert cheesy music here).

4) Eat well.

May have eaten this every day...
May have eaten this every day…

5) Take part in cultural excursions.

Ok – we went to a British drag show – but it was awesome and I fell in love with one of the drag queens – men take note – drag queens are the perfect partners – you can have girly shopping time but also… 😉 I love them!

My mum, sister and I were in complete bits – and I was able to do the timewarp!

Aren’t they just dreamy….
6) Golden rule – there will be times when it just gets too much – so always remember to bring headphones and a book. I spent a lot of the time reading about children being murdered by a clown – amazing book, but still too wimpy to watch the film.

I hope I was able to provide some useful tips and hope you all get to enjoy a holiday with your families!

Thanks for reading!

Laura xxx

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