Lesson 15: Open air cinema in the rain, how particles collide and where Swiss wine is made!

Dear readers,

how y’all doin’ this fine evening? I am feeling wonderful after a pretty amazing weekend filled with adventure, science and wonderful scenery .

I have done so much this weekend, that I feel like I’ve been on a little holiday and am refreshed for an exciting week ahead.

Friday Night – Die Göttliche Ordnung at the Open Air Cinema.

Since seeing the original trailer I had always wanted to see the film “Die Göttliche Ordnung”. A Swiss Film set in a small Appenzeller village showing the fight for the women’s right to vote. It was set in 1971.



Originally being too shy to see it alone in the cinema, I decided to purchase my ticket to watch it in the open air cinema at lake Zurich. A wonderful idea on paper. Unfortunately – the weather can not be controlled.

I arrived at 19:00. At approx 19:25 the world started to end. A wild thunderstorm with shattering rain and ear piercing thunder continued until approx. 21:30. It was the first time I had ever heard lightning strike something – wow was I scared!

I love thunder storms – nature’s performance – however being outside in it is not quite as fun as watching it from your window. Nevertheless – the storm abated and I was able to watch the film with one of my friends.

The film was fantastic – I highly encourage you to watch it. The audience (mainly female) were laughing and clapping throughout the performance. It was a fantastic experience!

Still managed to get a selfie in though 🙂


After the storm – there was a full on tree in the lake…

Saturday – CERN

Yep – you read that correctly – C.E.R.N – “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire” (which is a lie).


Through the fantastic organisation from a Meetup organiser a group of about 30 people arrived at Zurich HB at 7:30 am on a Saturday in order to travel to Geneva and visit CERN.

I don’t wish to reveal too much here in case any of you wish to travel –  but it is worth the long journey to get there. The tour itself is free and you can arrange to have a tour using the official CERN Website.

CERN Individual Tours

It really did leave me thinking – The Big Bang theory, how the universe was created, the speed and the time – it is totally incomprehensible.

At the CMS 40 Million particle collisions are recorded each second – can you even imagine that? I can’t!

If this trip is not on your bucket list – put it on there and get going!

What is this? Visit CERN and find out 😉


Sunday – Terrasses de Lavaux – St Saphorin to Lutry.

What weekend would be complete without a little hike? After my tour through CERN yesterday I decided to crash in Lausanne.


I woke up at about 7am (yeah – unfortunately I am an early riser) and after not paying the extortionate 25 CHF for a breakfast I got dressed and headed off to the Gare Lausanne. (I got myself a McToast and a McCoffee for 4McCHF).

Terrasses de Lavaux

My walk started in the charming little village of St Saphorin – a cobbled street romantic little village. (I must admit – I did start singing “Little Town” from Beauty and the Beast) and took me on a wonderful walk through miles of vineyards.

Little town, its a quiet village.

Lake Geneva was on my left – with some ominous looking clouds blocking the view to the mountains behind – and gorgeous scenery to my right.

One thing I truely love about Switzerland is that you can travel 3 hours on a train and feel as if you are in an entirely different country. Instead of “Gruezi” I was saying “Bonjour” to my fellow wanderers and the chateaus looking over the lake transported me to another time.


The walk was peaceful and took about 3 hours. It is mainly paved terrain and is ideal for families and dog walkers.

I was also able to do a bit of day dreaming  (I spent about 10 minutes dreaming that I met Ed Sheeran (on whom I have a little crush) in a little cafe, he sang on the phone to my mum and I bought him a coffee)

Towards the end, after arriving in Lutry, you can walk on a path right next to the lake. The sound of the waves beating against the rocks was music to my ears ( I have been a bit homesick the past couple of weeks).


So I hope I have been able to inspire you to watch a feminist film, go learn about particle collision and lose yourself in the area of Swiss wine.

Now I am off to dance my bare feet off!

As always, thanks for reading.



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