Lesson 25: How I actually decided to get happy…

Dear readers,

Hope you’re all doing well. I for sure am!

I want to tell you about the day I decided to grab my own life by the bal…horns and take control. I remember it well.

Set the scene

February, Bern train station, in front of a McDonalds and stuffing my face with a chicken wrap.

I remember feeling so dejected, tired and heavy that day. A friend had sent me a pic that they had taken at a party and I took a long look at myself – I was not happy at what I was seeing.

I was no longer comfortable in my own body.

I had recently gotten back in contact with an acquaintance I had made in October and I was super amazed at his transformation. We started chatting and he told me about the “Keto Diet”.

After finishing the chicken wrap I vowed that this was gonna be the last ever visit to a McDonalds…and 4 months and -12kg later I have so far kept up this promise.

I immediately started following the Keto Diet and relished in the results. The weight dropped off, my head cleared and I was in control again. Cooking all my own meals and knowing exactly what was going into my food felt so awesome.

Of course it wasn’t always easy – I did suffer from the Keto Flu (dizziness, insomnia and general weakness ) but I got through that.

In some following posts I’ll include some more info about this diet/lifestyle and some recipes.

Yes – the food is “normal”

Thanks for reading!



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