Lesson 4: What is, and how to enjoy, a German Christmas Market.

I love this time of year.

The time from 01.December until 01 January is a time full of magic, nostalgia and chocolate.

Cheap advent chocolate is the best chocolate.


Fairytale of New York, Scrooged, Muppets Christmas Carol and Jingle all the Way all have a special place in my Christmas heart. (Are you close to throwing up yet?)

“You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy f*ggot” – ah the gentle words of Yuletide Joy.


However since living in Germany a new tradition has creeped into my christmas routine – it involves lots of meat, lots of alcohol and a LOT of people.


So moving onto my 4th lesson!

Lesson 4: What is, and how to enjoy, a German Christmas Market.

The Christmas Markets are open during the 4 weeks of advent and can be found in nearly every town in Germany.

The set up:
Lots of little wooden stalls selling an assortment of food, drink and crafts.

So pretty...
So pretty…

When visiting the markets I like to poison my liver with: Glühwein, Glögg, Drachenblut, Trollentrunk and fill my stomach with Bratwurst, Currywurst, Garlic mushrooms, salmon and MUTZEN!

Mutzen! Little edible hats....
Mutzen! Little edible hats….

I have to make a shocking confession. You could blindfold me and give me 5 different christmas market drinks and I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them. I haven’t actually tried this yet….may have to try this…going to try it…

Which Christmas drink is it?
Which Christmas drink is it?

I had to think a lot about the lesson title – particularly the word “enjoy”. A better fitting word may have been “survive”.

Pretty flashy pretty!
Pretty flashy pretty!

The Christmas markets are heaving/packed/full and getting to and from a Glühwein stand requires expert maneuvering and glass balancing skills!  If you can make your way through a crowd while keeping all of your Glühwein intact – then give yourself 5 house points!

People people everywhere....
People people everywhere….

I do enjoy the Christmas markets, I really do! I love the feeling of a hot drink in my freezing hands,  the sound of bagpipes in the medieval market and the feeling of being with your close friends, snuggled up next to each to other and SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER TO MAKE YOURSELF HEARD!

And of course glaring jealously at all those German girls who are rocking the cute christmas hat look.(While I look like a poor, cold pale wreck…)

*Sigh* German women, achieving what I can never hope to achieve!
*Sigh* German women, achieving what I can never hope to achieve!

Top Tips:

1) Bring Cash (trust me…I am the worst at having cash)
2) Wrap up warm and wear gloves
3) Try the garlic mushrooms – yummy!

So lovely readers – if you’re visiting a christmas market anytime soon – have fun and good luck 🙂





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