Lesson 12: I am actually a genius.

I guess I should apologise for the arrogant sounding nature of my title, but in the last year I’ve been told to “Lean In”, be a “Smart Girl”  and embrace my second “X”  and so that yeah – I feel proud to admit that I  am a genius.

“Google result for Smug Cat”

First – what is a genius?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary a genius is:

“An exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity”

So technically everyone can be a genius – we all can do something better than everyone else. I for example can do a very good dolphin impression and actually talk to guinea pigs in their native squeak.

However the type of genius I am (apart from dolphin sound maker genius and a genius Cavia porcellus interpretor) is an idea genius.

So what is this blog post actually about?

Are there any other fanfiction fans out there? In fanfiction there’s a term called “plot bunnies” (could there be any cuter term!!).

A plot bunny is an idea that someone has, but is unable to write it and so releases this plot bunny into the fanfiction world and hopes that it will reproduce into an amazing epic fanfiction story (Which is at least 25 chapters long and is COMPLETED!)

plot bunny

So while I do have the occasional Labyrinth fanfiction plot bunny hopping around my brain, more recently I have got a litter of “App Bunnies”. Ideas for apps which I could never develop but would definitely use.

And so…I present my genius App ideas 🙂

1) Marble Run

During my university gap year I worked an an AuPair in Germany and discovered the wonderful wooden marble run.

How amazing does this look!!

I’d love to see this as an app 🙂 where I can build my own wonderful marble run!

2) Talk to the flower.

When spring springs and the flowers start to bloom, I can feel that black cloud of winter slowly evaporate away!

I feel that there are sometimes days where you just want to talk about your problems yet have the feeling nobody wants to listen.

My idea would be an app where you could tell your problems to a little seed on your phone. The more you talk, the more the seed develops into a flower.

So for example telling the seed about your horrible work colleague and how she stole YOUR sandwich from the fridge – the seed may turn into a sapling.

I am the result of all your horrible problems.

So there you go world: two wonderful ideas. I’d be so happy to have them turned into something real.

(Btw – I know these ideas are terrible! But let me have my fun 🙂 )


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