Lesson 13: If you have a four day weekend – USE IT :) My trip to Ticino

Hello world! How are you?

I am fantastic 🙂 thank you for asking!

I absolutely love this time of year. April/May/June.
The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are all in bloom and the wasps and mosquitoes have not yet made much of an appearance. Also in Switzerland we have a LOT of public holidays during this time – Easter, May Day, Pfingston and Ascension.

Spring is here…hello pidgeon…

So last week I spontanously decided to go on a trip down to Lugano.

2017-06-11 11_39_01-Küsnacht to Lugano - Google Maps
I thought I might as well kick it..

I packed my stuff, hopped on a train and made my way.


One of the most impressive parts of the train ride (apart from the picture postcard views you get through the window) is the famous Gotthard Tunnel. It really is like a portal into another world.

One takes you to -10°C and snowing, the other to 25°C an sunny. Welcome to Switzerland.

One one side you are in German speaking switzerland and on the other side you arrive in (a sunnier) italian side. Its amazing. I really recommend taking this trip at least once.
It only takes about 2.5 hours from Zurich.

I overnighted at the wonderful Lido Hotel in Lugano – just about 10 minutes walk (or 5 mins bus) from the centre of Lugano.


Lugano is a beautiful city situated directly on the lake offering a large variety of shops, restaurants and parks.

When staying I ate at Hotel Lido (a very delicious lamb) and also at Galeria (exceptional pasta).

I took a couple of day trips to Morcote ( a must see! A beautiful old town with an absolutely stunning church and cemetery), Ascona (also very beautiful but quite commercial) and the Locarno Falconry (if you love big birds, which I do, then this is a must visit. If you are afraid of birds then NO!)



I am definitely going to head down there again – possible visiting some areas in Italy! Just need to brush up on my Italian 🙂


I hope I have inspired you to take a little trip!

Have a great day,






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