Lesson 27: The little pleasures of life

Dear Readers,

How are you doing? Well… I suppose that is quite a silly question to ask right now but I truely hope things are going ok for you.

If you are anything like me you are probably sitting at home, obsessing about the latest news and suffering from a little worry which may be buzzing in your stomach. You might be anxiously wondering how you are now going to spend your weekend, where are you going to go and what are you going to do?

If you currently feel restless and unrelaxed right now – you are not alone.
The constant negativity coming from the media is definitely not having a good influence on your mental health – and being forced to stay home and isolated while feeling depressed is not an ideal combination.

I don’t want this post to end up being a guide on how to survive at home (there are enough of those already), but I guess I just want to share a little bit of what I have learnt in the last couple of days…which brings me to my next lesson:

Lesson 27: Savour the little pleasures

Last Sunday I woke up really slowly. I got up, opened the curtains and windows to let the sunshine and fresh air into my room, made myself a cup of coffee, climbed back into bed and started to read my book. In the background I had soft instrumental music playing and I could hear the dawn chorus of the birds.

It was paradise.

Later I stepped out into the little terrace and sat down. I felt the warm rays of the spring sunshine on my face and again listened to the birds chirping away. I saw the small daffodils blooming happily in the corner and observed a big fat bumble bee make its pollination rounds.


I took a moment to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings and this gave me enough energy to really start my day.

The next time you see or hear something that makes you smile – try to acknowledge it. Try to think – why does this make me so happy? Try to savour it.

Take the time to really enjoy the pleasures in your life. Maybe you enjoy reading Harry Potter Fanfiction – now is the time to enjoy it!

Do you enjoy drawing? Learning a new language? Looking for a new recipe?
The time is there to try it.

Most importantly – Do not feel guilty for taking the time to enjoy your own life. Yes we all have other responsibilities and commitments – but we also should take the time to focus on us for a change.

As the airlines say “Please attach your breathing device, before attaching someone else’s” – why? Because how helpful are we if we ourselves are suffering or dead?

With that I am going to endulge in my little guilty pleasure and start to binge watch “Pride and Prejudice – The BBC Adaption..” (Colin Firth coming out of the lake is definitely a pleasure I will savour!)

I obviously can not let you miss out dear Reader…

So thus the end of my (maybe slightly preachy) post.

Have a relaxing night,

Laura xoxoxo


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