Lesson 28: I guess I do like gory books. My not very detailed review of “Alice” by Christina Henry

If Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were alive today, I’m absolutely certain that they’d invite Christina Henry to brunch with them in order to discuss gruesome yet tantalising tales. This was my first though immediately after returning from the dark and disturbing world of “Alice” by Christina Henry.


“Alice” by Christina Henry is a sinister retelling / continuation of the “Alice in Wonderland” books by Lewis Carrol.

Trigger Warnings

Before reading this I feel the need to send some trigger warnings – as this book has a lot of detailed description of violence – both physical and sexual – which is definitely not for the faint hearted. 

I often had to turn away after reading some of the more vivid paragraphs. 


Many of you are probably well acquainted with the original story, which itself is also quite twisted. I remember being particulary disturbed by the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter ( who were “both very unpleasant characters”) In this retelling Alice, The White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and the Caterpillar make an appearance – but not as you would think. The Walrus is a particularly unpleasant chracter, performing acts which are extremely distressing to read! 


I wont go too much into the story, but this is a tale of bloody revenge!

The language in the first chapter gripped me and I felt myself being sucked down a rabbit hole into this deeply disturbing world. Christina Henry really has a flair for story telling and this was a book I was unable to put down. I finished it within two days and was already hungry for the next book “The Red Queen”. 

(I have pleaded with Darren Lynn Bousman on Twitter for a film version – starring Emilie Autumn as Alice of course.) 

I give this book 4/5 stars  –  I remove a star as there are some images you really dont want to have stuck in your imagination. 

Enjoy reading!

Laura xoxoxoxo

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