Lesson 30: What the Sims taught me

Dear Readers,

wow – 30 Lessons! I actually can’t believe I have kept this blog going since 2014?! That for me is quite an achievement and I really want to thank you all for reading.

So this evening I sat down at my laptop and decided to reinstall the Sims 4. I also bought a few expansion packs to go with it (they were on sale – don’t judge me on how I want to spend my money. Some people buy eyelashes, I buy video games).

I have been playing the Sims ever since it first came out ::deep breath:: TWENTY YEARS AGO in 2000 and as the title of this post has already given away – the Sims have taught me many things. Not just about myself but also how to survive in the real world!

Also – if you really want to get to know someone – look at the Sims family they’ve created. How have they designed their home? I myself have a penchant for bright pink flamingos in the yard, and a massive swimming pool which I never use.

Are you ready?

1: I have body image issues

Ok – not a very positive start but there it is. A possible psychoanalysis of the whole “Sims” game is that you try to create your ideal character.
My Sims are always thin. I just can’t seem to create an overweight Sim – or if I do create an overweight Sim I make it my personal challenge of the game to make her thin.

Body goals

Unfortunately this really goes against the current trend of body positivity – of not accepting the media standard of beauty – but I unfortunately am unable to do that. I have been obsessed with my weight, my looks ever since I was a little chubby girl.

I used to be called “fat” in the playground. I was always receiving comments about my weight from various important people in my life. I spend at least 5 minutes looking at myself in the mirror – analysing.

“You were definitely thinner at the beginning of our relationship”
Gee thanks Ex-Boyfriend.

I have a feeling that this will make a blog post on it’s own soon…

2: How to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

In the Sims 2 the quality of the graphics dramatically improved, and you could really zoom in on what your characters were doing.

One day I decided to watch my Sim create a grilled-cheese sandwich and I became inspired and learnt how to make it myself!

Fill me with cheese

3. We should learn from relationships in the Sims universe.

All Sims, since the beginning, have been Bisexual. They can have romantic affairs with either gender. Currently there are only two genders in the Sims universe but I am hoping with the release of Sims 5 other genders aswell as non-binary will be included – so that our Sims will then be Pansexual.

All Sims have the same interaction possibilities, no matter how they look or their sexual orientation. All colours are accepted. The ugly parts of society: racism, sizeism, sexism and ageism do not exist in the Sims world. A Sim may woohoo with anyone and no other Sim will look with disapproval. Any Sim can work at any company – when they get hired, they are not asked about sexual orientation, colour of skin or personal beliefs!

4: I am an ambitious person.

When I started playing the Sims 4 I knew what I wanted my Sim to be like. She would max out the cooking skill and the gardening skill and be an awesome chef, while maintaining a CEO position at the huge global corperation.

My Sims, mainly female, always aim to get to the top of their careers before having children. My Sims never take vacations or a sick days. My Sims always aim to max out their skills.

5: I do have a fear of my friendships declining.

In the Sims 3 you had the possibility to purchase some rewards and the first one I always chose was “Long Distance Friendship” which ensures that your current friendships won’t decay, even if you don’t look after them.

I am not a very sociable person and don’t have many people who I would consider true friends. I could maybe count 6 and my biggest fear is losing them. I am terrible at staying in touch but I hope my friends do know that I am always there for them.

This would not be my life. Too many wasps…

6: I have an evil streak

Having maids swim in the pool and then delete the stairs. Lock a cheating man into room and set off some fireworks in said room. Have a male sim impregnate all the female characters and not take any responsibility.

I did that.

However what I would NOT do is let a Sim starve – now that would be cruel.

As always – thanks for reading 🙂

Laura xoxoxo

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