Lesson 31: Holidaying during a global pandemic – Day 1

Hello readers,

How are you keeping up? I have to admit that I am currently writing this poolside at a 5* resort on Tenerife. It’s sunny, 28°C and a sax player who looks like Johnny Depp is playing popular cover tunes and I completely understand and forgive you should you choose to stop reading now.

Yes I am currently on holiday at Costa Adeje on Tenerife. Not the most responsible idea but truly needed.

Flowers and palms oh my!

I’m not going to spend my post justifying my actions, but after 7 months of constant phone calls and e-mails with “When can we get more masks, suits or gloves” a break was very much deserved and welcomed.

This week I’ll try giving you some insight of a summer holiday during lockdown.

Flying during the times of Covid-19

The airport at Basel was quite empty, checking in our luggage and getting through security took only mere stress-free minutes. Was actually a nice chilled start to the holiday.

Masks were required from stepping into the airport until we stepped into our taxi in Tenerife.

My mask makes me feel like a mortal kombat character.

Our flight was just over 4 hours long, which was long enough thankyouverymuch. One question we had was during the safety demonstration, whether we had to remove our masks to put on oxygen masks or not? This probably hasn’t been written into the official script yet… I’ll ask my flight attendant friend and get back to you.

The masks did become slightly uncomfortable towards the end, despite the slight respite we had during “snack time “. Luckily “The Wolf of Wallstreet” kept us entertained through most of the flight.

I do admit that I got a bit grumpy after landing. The flight attendant said “Please remain seated. We will call you row by row” and I assume you can guess what happened and what was the cause of my grumpiness 😉

Arriving at Adeje – a July which feels like May

Ok not literally- it is 28°C and very sunny but crowds-wise it feels like the sleepy beginning of a season – a pre-season even.

I often prefer to go on holiday in May (Week after Eurovision) because the resorts are often quieter and devoid of kids/drunk brits. This week feels like the beginning of May. Most restaurants or cafés are closed, the pubs empty of bright red punters and there is enough space on the beach to walk without stepping on a family of four.

It is eerily and a little depressingly quiet. While I do appreciate this solitude I do feel bad for the many bar/café/tack shop owners who are losing their income.

No quizzes tonight…

Even the service staff outside the restaurants which are open seem to pay beckon you in with a half-heartedness which leaves you feeling quite sorry. Maybe this is a new tactic?

Where are all the Brits? Why can’t I smell a mix of piss and vomit?

Corona has reared its ugly head here although you may not identify that a virus is about. Masks are seen albeit rarely. Service staff are wearing a plastic visor at all times and desinfection is at every corner.

Some places do remain open. How many times do you think they’ve had to remove an extra “C”?

After arriving at the hotel I decided to go to the gym. I entered the gym expecting to have the place to myself but was instead confronted by about 7 shirtless ripped Spaniards working out. I only stayed for about 30 mins…the testosterone was getting in my eyes..

A Keto’er in Spain

Luckily foodwise this place is quite easy for me. There is meat, fish and grilled veg everywhere. Bread doesn’t seem to be complimentary.

Last night I had a steak with onions and my boyfriend had Chicken Fajita. We’re used to Swiss prices/portions so decided to order a starter too (grilled peppers and garlic mushrooms YUM). The starter was the size of a main and the price of a Swiss bag of crisps. Needless to say we were unable to finish our dinner.

The drinks however I do believe will be my downfall. Though I try to get as many “Zero” drinks as possible.. the alcopops are just too tempting to resist.

Today I reminisced about my childhood and my teenage years with an IrnBru and a WKD respectively. I am now drinking a house Rosé while watching the sunset.

My life in Drinks 🙂

So readers that was a quick catch-up of day 1. I’m now going to scourge for a decent fish restaurant and plan for tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening and as always,

Thanks for reading xoxoxo

I hate taking selfies…especially when the family next table over is watching…

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  1. What you experienced in June is still happening at the moment. Very few tourists, hotels closed, restaurants closed etc. Hopefully we get back to normality soon!

    Next time you come to Tenerife maybe have a go with one of our yacht charters which depart from Puerto Colon (Costa Adeje). Nice photos btw 🙂


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