Lesson 31:2 Hiking from Santiago del Teidi to Masca

Good morning Readers,

Happy Humpday! My holiday to Tenerife is slowly coming to a close but I have enjoyed it immensely!

On Monday we had a day where we hadn’t planned anything. We racked our brains trying to decide what to do – I suggested hiring a car for the day (although my boyfriend and I both hate driving!) and then my partner suggested that we do a hike which is accessible with public transport! Perfect idea 💡

Tenerife is a hikers paradise due to the different climates around the island. You can hike through desert trails or lush forests. After doing a lot of research we decided on the trail “Santiago del Teide to Masca”.


Public transport on Tenerife

Since we both didn’t really want to drive, we decided to take the bus. The bus 460 departed from Fanambe Plaza and would take us to our starting point in approx 1hr.

Due to Corona you can’t pay with cash on the bus. We decided to buy the 10€ tourist day card using the app: “ten+movil”. The premise seems simple. You open the app and scan the QR code on the bus, show the driver your phone and then sit down. At the end of your journey you scan the exit QR code and get off.

For some reason this didn’t work so well and by the end of the day my phone was out of battery so I had to charge on the bus and show the driver later (the driver wasn’t too pleased with me…)

I recommend purchasing a bus card from a kiosk and using it. You can top it up and it won’t run out of battery.

Up up up…and up…and…up

After a very curvy windy bus ride we finally made it to Santiago del Teide. To start the hike we had to follow the main road out of the town and then find the hiking path that goes through the forest.

It’s not too comfortable as cars were coming quickly towards us and the side of the road was pretty overgrown with sharp plants. We also couldn’t find the entrance of the hike as there was a huge building site blocking it.

This is the new motorway which will connect the South of the Island to the North

Eventually we found the path and started our ascent.

This is the “hiking trail” mark

I confess that I am not the fittest girl in the world and my heart rate very quickly went up. It was about 32°C and we were climbing up rocks to get to the top. I think the birds and goats were snickering at my heavy breathing! Luckily there were a few shaded areas where we could stop for a drink.

We had company for most of the way up in the form of goats. At one point it looked as if my boyfriend was herding about 8 goats up the hill. I like to think that they were bleating their support for the breathless Brit rather than jeering at me 😃

This is our guide ” Billy”

Eventually we made it to the top of the path and were greeted with a sign which said that the path we had just walked up was closed…oops.

I guess the building site should have been our first clue…

I was hot, tired and sweaty but my discomfort immediately evaporated when I saw the amazing view followed by the cool breeze.

We then continued to walk on top of the ridge. The vegetation had now started to change from dry grass and pines to lush forests. They get their moisture from the clouds traversing the top of the ridge.

Magical forest

I love to enjoy the “little pleasures of life” and the feeling of a cool breeze caressing your skin after walking in 30°C heat is unjustifiable by words. You need to experience it yourself.

The views from the ridge were stunning and you could see two of the climates of the island.

On the south of Tenerife the weather is hot and dry with only a few days of rain in the year. Hence why most of the hotel resorts are found in the south. The north of Tenerife is cooler and more humid, due to the moisture being brought by the clouds from the sea. This allows different varieties of plants and food to grow.

This hike allows you to travel between the two climates.

We started our descent towards Masca and walked by some pretty impressive yet scary cacti and we spotted some large agave plants (not aloe vera as I previously thought)

Don’t fall in…
Prickly pears. A natural sweetener used to make various sweet products such as jam. Use the correct gloves to pick them though.
Agave plants!

We arrived in Masca and heard the “vroom vroom” of a departing bus. We checked the timetable and saw that the next bus was two hours later. Unfortunately most shops and restaurants are still closed due to Covid-19 so we bought ourselves a soft drink and settled in the shade to chill/read for two hours, exhausted yet happy.

The wonderful bringer of shade

So readers, I hoped you enjoyed our little adventure. I’m now off to the gym and later I’ll be on a boat hopefully spotting whales 🐋 .

If you do decide to hike in Tenerife don’t forget to bring the necessities: good walking shoes, sun protection and a lot of water!

Thanks for reading! Below you will find our Relive video.

Laura xoxoxo

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