Lesson 35: How to deal with anxiety dreams (a lesson in progress…)

Good morning readers,

I do hope you’re feeling fine this morning.

This morning I woke up in lovely Samnaun to the sound of rain pouring and the river rushing. I threw open the doors to the balcony and swiftly climbed back into bed, feeling the cold rush of the morning on my face. It really is heavenly.

I then went back to sleep and promptly had an intense anxiety dream. This would be my third this week and most unusual is that I can remember them all – although not 100% in detail.

I am going to post them and I’d appreciate if any dream analyists can tell me what is going on? I know I am currently at a crossroads in my life right now but maybe I am blind to what I am really feeling?

The one this morning:

It is halloween and I am going to a performance that I was supposed to star in. I’d rented a car and was driving along a familiar road in Devon. As it was halloween there were other drivers on the road driving very strange cars, as well as a few horse and carriages.

The horse and carriage suddenly came in front of my car and I crashed into it, completely destroying my rental car.

I some how managed to get to the performance and I was worrying about the costs that would incur. The anxiety came from not being able to find my phone in my bag so that I could call the rental agency….

On Wednesday morning:

I am visiting a large manor and I am dressed for high tea. I decide to take a walk in the gardens and then I suddenly get chased by a group of swans and owls.

On Monday morning:

I am at work and I have a very important supplier coming in for our annual discussion. I greet him and we go into the office. Suddenly I am very much aware that I am only wearing a towel. Someone from our company comes in and comments on the fact that I am only wearing a towel….I then start screaming that I have committed career suicide…

A quick google has given me the following analysis:

  1. Dreaming of a car crash: Your life is out of control and danger is coming.
  2. Dreaming of being attacked by swans: Internal conflict with myself.
  3. Dreaming about wearing a towel: I am experiencing anxieties of making it on my own…

Have you ever had anxiety dreams? How do you deal with them?

As always, thanks for reading.

Laura xoxoxo

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