Lesson 41: If you can’t love yourself…blame the media.

Dear Readers,

I apologise – but this is going to be a bit of a “rant” post.

“Have you ever stood naked, in front of a mirror, and looked at yourself? I mean, really looked. I did. This morning. It was completely horrifying”.

That is a quote from one of my all time favourite TV Shows – “Popular” by Ryan Murphy – which was cancelled way too quickly. It is however a quote which I have never forgot as it resonates with me so much.

“Popular” is the story of two teenaged girls – polar opposites of each others (Blonde / Brunette. Cheerleader / Non-Cheerleader . Popular / Outcast) who are forced to live with each other after their parents fall in love.

I was about 11 when this show came out and I adored it. I found the main actresses so beautiful and so thin. I wanted their lives. I wanted their flat stomachs. It taught me that the blonde, beautiful, thin women were revered while the ugly, chubby, brunette women were always cast aside.

Although in retrospect I do prefer Sam (the brunette)

“Give her the right look, the right boyfriend, and bam. In six weeks she’s being named prom queen.”

Ah when I was 11 – this gem came out. “She’s All That”. Another American high-school set movie which made me crave a life away from boring Devon.

I actually do love this film – especially the random dance scene at the prom. (Author note: If I ever get married – people will learn a choreographed routine for my reception. It is happening.)

However this film taught me: Ponytail and glasses = ugly and also no fat people go to an American highschool.

She is cute as hell though.

9St 4 (terrifying slide into obesity)

In 2001 “Bridget Jones’ Diary” came out. I re-watched this film last night (and I do really still love it) – it is also very interesting to watch this film after turning 30. (Of course after you have finished listening to Sad FM – Easy Listening for the over 30’s).

I was about 13 and we had to go for a health check in the gym. I stood on the scales and looked at the reading: I was 10St – 63kg. I was 13 and I was “obese”.

9St 4 = approx 59kg.

Check out how fat she is. So disgustingly overweight. Oh wait…she’s 10kg lighter than me?…

The film wasn’t the worst part though. The song “It’s raining men” sung by Geri Halliwell was also released and I obsessed over the music video. Look at the pic and try to guess why?

My ideal body weight.

Let’s take a look at some other iconic pictures from my teenage years (from 2001 – 2010) 🙂 I remember being 16 and doing 100 sit ups a day – in order to achieve “The flat stomach”.

Oh and let us not forget the moment when Samantha’s friends told her she was fat.

Anyway I am happy to say that the media is slowly changing and there is a large body-positivity movement happening. People are waging a war on photoshop and unobtainable figures. And magazine covers like this one below will slowly be going away.

Anyway I am off to eat some fried rice and drink a few cocktails. Why? Because I am hungry and I want to drink 🙂

As always thanks for reading,

Laura xoxoxoxo

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