Lesson 42: My little ritual

Dear Readers,

do you see that? That tiny little light? That, my friends, is the little light at the end of the tunnel, the little glimmer of hope that the world will slowly get back to “normal”.

While I do appreciate that there are some positives in this current situation (the fact that we’re all having to be a lot more hygenic is a definite plus) (also…no pun intended) I really do need to tell you, dear readers, that I am MISSING social life. And this is coming from a self-confessed introvert.

What exactly do I miss?
The act of getting ready to go out. Before going on a “girls night out” I follow a little ritual.

  1. Watch one of my favourite films starring women. This would be either:
    “Romy and Michelle’s highschool reunion” or “The Sweetest Thing”. I also often accompany this with a cocktail.

2. Light some candles. When it starts getting dark I love to create a romantic atmosphere for myself – since I know how to treat a lady right

3. Put on “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” by Crazy Ex Girlfriend. This is my getting ready JAM. This starts off my party evening. The playlist then moves onto songs such as “Girl’s just wanna have fun”, “Get the Party Started” and then some Burlesque music because then….

4. Dance in front of the mirror. This is before I have put on my clothes and makeup. I will dance crazily in my underwear. I will then put on my dress and continue to dance.

5. Put on my makeup – which takes about 5 mins max. Probably the only time I will wear foundation and lipstick is when I am going to a club. Foundation, blusher, eye shadow (often just a stroke), mascara and lipstick. I would love to be able to do the sexy smoky eyelined eye – but I legitimately do not know how to put on eyeliner.

6. Gulp down my drink, put on my high heels and elegantly run (teeter) to catch the tram.

7. Dance the night away!

Ah I miss going out and dancing. Feeling sexy and powerful while twisting and turning in high heels. When the music starts playing, I get a HUGE rush of energy! I dance for HOURS and I do not care what I look like. I am FREE!

What do you miss? Do you have a “getting glammed” ritual?

We can get through this together. For now I just need to keep dancing infront of my mirror…

Thanks for reading,

Laura xoxoxoxo

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