Lesson 53: An aimless walk may uncover treasure.

Hello lovelies,

hope you’re doing well!

I am currently writing to you from the beautiful island of Majorca – in the city of Palma, at the “El Llorenç Parc de la Mar Adults only Hotel” to be more precise.

This winter has been particularly challenging for me, with too much work and insufficient time, and I had started to neglect my mental well-being. My business is going well but working non-stop was starting to take it’s toll on me. I realised things needed to change when I suddenly lost desire to do stand-up comedy (something I’m really passionate about).

So changes have been made and I managed to find a week to go on holiday with the boyfriend. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to disconnect entirely but I can definitely feel myself slowing down and becoming more in touch with the present.

Normally when I’m on holiday I try not to “waste” any moment of it – arguing with myself that “You’re visiting a foreign country…so you need to see the most of it”. This results in a feeling of FOMO and additional stress.

This week I decided to shut down that annoying voice and really just take each day as it comes – and have in fact fallen into a routine (something which I love).

We wake up, eat an amazing breakfast and then walk about 15 minutes into Palma to get a coffee at Mistral Coffee Roasters (a really amazing coffee shop!). Then we head back to the hotel, go to the rooftop pool area and spend the rest of the day relaxing and reading. In the evening we’ll head down to the spa, do a bit of sweating and swimming, then head out to dinner and then watch TV in the evening.

This is the part of the post where I realise I’m 34 going on retired.

I don’t care.

I’m happy.

Today I’m also celebrating 9 months since my last sip of alcohol. I didn’t have a drinking problem however I was uncomfortable that I was craving a glass of red wine when I was feeling stressed. I’m also not really good at knowing my limits. I was using the feeling of being drunk as a form of escapism and a justification for toxic behaviour.

Luckily alcohol-free drinks are becoming “trendy” and we’re able to enjoy a variety of not-overly sweet virgin cocktails.

Another advantage to being without a plan is sometimes discovering something you weren’t looking for. This happened to us on our walk back from the coffee shop.

We decided to forgo using google maps and try to find our way back to the hotel “the old fashioned way” aka..getting lost. (The boyfriend refuses to believe that he has a terrible sense of direction). However I wasn’t displeased – I love discovering little alley ways and hidden gems.

We decided to walk down a side street and came across a window with the words “Gluten-Free” plastered over it.

We had discovered an actual gluten-free bakery, where everything was…Gluten-Free.


I don’t have celiac disease, but I am gluten intolerant, which means I suffer symptoms such as “feeling the cold, tiredness and brain fog” after eating gluten. It’s not dissimilar to waking up with a massive hangover. The advantage of this is that I am very much in control of what I eat, the disadvantage is that I can’t often spontaneously have a sweet snack or treat.

The bakery was called “SOLATZ BY SAEZ” and the quiche I bought was wonderful. It had been such a long time since I had eaten buttery crispy pastry. Time just stopped after the first bite and I lost myself in the sensation of the taste.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little ramble – I really hope I can try to write more in the future. I was torn between closing this blog or not…and I’m glad I’ve decided to stick around for at least another year.

As always,

thanks for reading


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