Lesson 52: A reflection of 22

Good morning readers,

Do you know that feeling? You’ve put off something for so long that each time you try and get back to it, you feel even more guilty – thus making it harder to get back to it?

That’s how I’ve felt about this blog. It has been on my mind for so long yet I’ve always been so ashamed to go back to it – as I feel I have abandoned it for too long.

This morning I made the choice and effort to come back – and I will definitely try and work on it in 2023.

I want to share the lessons that I have learnt with the world – in the hope that they can help others.

2022 was definitely a monumental year for me – a year in which I changed and grew so much.


I confessed my feelings to a guy – and they were accepted. This isn’t just any guy – but someone who has become one of my best friends. A partner who I choose to go through life with.


I left my corporate job and secure life. I gave up the monthly salary and benefits for a chance to try building my own business. It was a scary decision but the right one.


I started LD-Safety GmbH and held my first meetings. It was an amazing experience to suddenly become free – however:


The fear started. I started questioning. Could I finance myself? Could I survive this? I felt the beginnings of fear start to build up in my stomach.


I was accepted as a member of the board for Swiss Safety – a huge honour for a non-swiss!


I did my first official training and sent my first official invoice! Yet the fear was still there. I had to admit – I missed the security of a monthly pay. I hated not knowing if I was going to be able to pay my rent. I wasn’t able to enjoy my life anymore as this fear was eating away at my sparkple.


I made mistakes and so decided to quit drinking – for good. I also applied for a job at an online shop. I decided to put my ego and pride to the side, so that I could afford my rent.


I started working at the online shop – and I love it. A small team and working with the products which I love.


I turned 34 and I performed my stand-up routine at Comic Strip. I also performed for the first time in front of my boyfriend. It was the best set I think I’ll ever do!


I decided that I wanted to move to Basel City. I wanted to be closer to my friends, my boyfriend and also life in general.


Packing up my old stuff and planning to move apartments. I moved on the 28th and it was a difficult time. My month was completely filled with working at the online shop, doing fit testing (yay business!) and moving. I became a shadow of myself.


Each day was packed. Moving. My parents came over. Finally, on the 24th, I could fly to the UK and relax a bit.


I am going to focus on my self. I will not let anyone or anything take away my sparkle.

I am going to do burlesque on the stage.

I am going to continue to develop my relationships.

I am going to be someone that you would be proud to have in your life!

And I will keep you posted!

Thanks for reading

Laura xoxoxoxoxo

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