Lesson 43 – Spring has sprung – the little things part II

Dear Readers,

how are you doing today? The sun is shining and, when the cool gust of wind subsides, it is actually a bit warm.

Today was the first day where I went outside with my kindle and a cup of tea. I came back in 20 minutes later and moved to a sunny window bank but I felt satisfied.

I love my pink kindle

I am not going to lie to you – winter was hard. Every year I struggle with the typical “winter blues” – tiredness, slugginess and just general don’t-feel-motivatedness. This year is of course a lot more challenging due to the fact that we can’t go out and enjoy the pleasure of dining in a restaurant or chilling in a bar.

However there is always a positive (in a very positive world…).

My passion for cooking has returned and my cooking skills have dramatically improved in the last few months. I have been following recipes from Meera Sodha and have been reading the book: The Food Lab by Kenji. J Lopez.

My amazing friend and I made haggis curry!

I have also started to learn a bit of mixology and have been able to enjoy some delicious home-made cocktails. I have even had cocktails containing whisky or raw eggs – and have enjoyed them.

Sazerac and Absinth anyone?

I have also been able to fight off the “Doom and Gloom” of late winter by thinking about and appreciating the little things.

As you may remember, one year ago I moved to Basel. This was during the start of the global pandemic and it was a very stressful time. 2020 was a year filled with a lot of downs but also plenty of ups! 2020 was also a year where I really started to learn who I was and what I wanted. My personality has started to shine through again.

I also decided to quit dieting and am wholly embracing being able to eat what I feel like, when I want – without restricting myself. It truely is fantastic.

Anyway I want to spread my positivity (in a mental sense and not a Covid sense) and list some more of the little things that make me smile with the hope that you may smile too 🙂

The first cherry blossoms on a tree – seeing a splash of pink really sends my heart soaring

The first bite of a delicious meal

Drinking a good glass of wine with someone you care about

The sounds of birds tweeting in the morning

The first warming rays of sunshine on your face

The first few beats of a favourite song you haven’t heard in a while

Starting an amazing series (I have started “The Wire” and wow is it amazing)

Getting hooked on a book after a few pages – I love the feeling of not being able to “put it down”

Fresh cool air in the bedroom while you’re snuggled under the sheets

Being woken up by an alarm and then realising you don’t need to get up

The smell of ground coffee

Seeing the first bumble bee buzzing around.

Did it work? Are you smiling?

What keeps you positive? I would love to hear about the little things that make you smile!

As always – thanks for reading,

Laura xoxoxoxo

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